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How Much Our Daily Life Being Influenced By Social Media?

Posted on: November 8, 2018

Nowadays, almost every middle class and upper low-class people use social media to stay connected with friends and family. Moreover, through that, they want to establish or enhance the circle. Those who can able to afford Smartphone or Tablets become social forum users. Furthermore, numerous people engaged over more than one social platform. It means that guys are consuming more time over android and apple devices rather than television and radio.

Therefore, business strategies also diversified. Now professionals are focusing more on social media websites for the advertisement of their product as compared to TV commercials. You can find business pages of almost every industry like foods, chemical, clothes, cosmetics, designs, architectures, etc. Even you will find academic writing services providers, colleges, universities, baby care centre, and clinic as well.

To proof all above finding, it is essential to collect and show the analysis researched and posted by influencers. Several brands have created a forum to facilitate individuals for social networking. How many users are increasing and engaging yearly? Below are some of the statistics for awareness.

How Much Our Routine Life Influenced Daily Through Social Media


It is the favourite social media network website which is popular in the adult group. Usually American and Asian are fond of connecting through this forum. They are gradually increasing each year. There was a 2.16 bn profile activist man in 2017 however 72% engagers are related to the age group of 18-30 years, and among them 65% users were women. Approximately 2 billion people actively take part in uploading and publishing different stuff like images, videos, presentations, etc. It may be reached to 3 bn until the end of 2018.


YT is the most top video sharing platform used in the world. However, there is numerous visual content publication website in the market like Vimeo, Slideshare, etc. As a rough idea, there are 300 hours visual stuff uploads daily and a 550 hours video views every day. Individuals and companies upload the own stuff and share over different social media websites. There are almost about 505,353,243 channels hosted over YT. Several stations have millions of subscribers. The simple meaning is that if a video added in such channel, then so many viewers will see it resulting in having a great chance to become customers from that crowd.


It is the second most frequently used social activity forum. Usually, people love to tweet and share knowledge. This platform benefits to share instant updates and awareness. In 2017, approximately 336 million users practices to get online.


It is mostly used in the US, India, Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey. However, other regions also posses its user. This report is up to mid of 2018. It was found in 2010, and in 2018 the number of active users of Instagram is more than 1 billion in which 68% are ladies, and 59% are between the age group of 18 to 29 years.


This forum is usually beneficial for finding candidates and applying for the job. Most companies or their ambassadors approach the good profiles and offer them to post their resume. Moreover, people themselves search for good organisation and apply for a great job. This social media site is also known and famous as a job portal.

It has approximately 450 million users, but this forum is not similar to others. People get online, check their favourite firm, search for new opportunities and at last either apply somewhere or leave it. If you want to remain in touch with opportunity, then use LinkedIn daily.

If you still not engage over social media take it seriously because you kept yourself outdated. Go with society and absorb the latest trend especially concerning technology. Upgrade yourself to ease your life and establish an educated society as Assignment Guarantee UK is continuously focuses.