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Successfully Dealing with Stress & Pressure in Daily Life

Posted on: October 29, 2017

“I am fed up”,
“I can’t complete the work in this situation!”,
“I can’t manage too much things lonely”

All above phrases are produce from a person who is stressed or in pressure. He/she is responsible to complete the task very well in specific time but he/she can’t. If this type of feeling creates in you, you are also the victim of stress or pressure. It may be arises several times a day or numerously in a week. Many people think to quit and find another job that dreamed to be stressed free. It is a big misconception.

What is Stress & Pressure?

Here is just a little physiological explanation of stress and pressure. The dealing with this issue will be easier if you understand it.

Defining the stress and pressure exactly is very difficult. Still many scholars explained it according to their observation and knowledge. You have 100% right to deny any/all of them. But they are nearer to accurate brief. According to Oxford Dictionaries:

  1. Pressure or tension exerted on a material object.
  2. A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.
  3. Particular emphasis or importance.

The term is big enough to define in few words. Thus what mentioned above explains that emphasizing over an act or object is known as Pressure. However increasing the intensity of such feeling becomes Stress.

Successfully Deal with Stress & Pressure in Daily Life

Negative after affects:

Below are some of the results we can notice in human body after accepting too much stress or pressure in daily life:

  • Headaches
  • Aches, pains, and tense muscles
  • Chest pain and irregularity of heartbeat
  • Insomnia
  • Upset stomach, including diarrhea, constipation, and nausea
  • Decreasing the sexual needs and competency
  • Frequent colds and infections
  • Low energy

There are other outcomes as well such as anxiety, fear, impatience, anger, etc that are not noticeable. They negatively impact on relations, happiness and daily routine. People start hating, disliking, discontinuing their relationship with you, etc.

What is meant by dealing?

Dealing is defined as “the particular way in which someone behaves towards other”. Working out in such a way that some solution comes out or a person can able to get the way of tackling it. Usually we all face different issue in our daily life and we find solution instantly. Those problems are either small or we encounter them frequently. Therefore, we solve them unconsciously very fast. Below are few examples:

  • Something of daily use lacks in house. Then immediately you decide to go to near store for purchasing.
  • You already planned for going outside for dinner with girlfriend/wife. On planned day you stuck in office till late hours. Then you will postponed the plan to onwards night.

Similarly, we have plenty of examples in our day to day life. Only the problem is that we never concentrate on them.

Ways to dealt with Stress & Pressure

8 Ways to Dealt with Stress & Pressure

  1. Shake & Move: Generally expert gives priority to stand and walk for a while. Actually the basic concept is to make some chemical changes in body. This diversity achieve when human body changes the posture it adopts right now. Walking is the best & helpful method for chemical modification. There are many exercises, meditation & power yoga club that teach you how to move your body. There teaching give the great shape to your structure and you will relax your mind as well.
  2. Discuss It: Sometimes a person get frustrated due to pressure in regular routine. It is better to talk with someone close to you. The guy must be good listener and calmly observe whole situation. If possible then can advise appropriately. For example, if you have stress to complete and submit your assignment, dissertation, essay, etc he may suggest you to contact with some dissertation writing services to get perfect help.
  3. Distract Yourself: If you are feeling pressure continuously, it means that you are thinking about it very much. Stress itself is never such a big dilemma. It is we who expand it. The challenge is not to get rid from pressure. Problem is to understand that it is not a solvable matter. Distracting your thoughts resolves the stressing.
    As a matter of fact, it is crucial to know that walking is not meant to do alone. You can walk with someone and discuss either your problem or make gossips. This way you can divert your mind to work differently that result in releasing the tension.
    More examples will be playing football, engaging own-self in IQ games, watching movies, etc.
  4. Drag & Explore Positives: Don’t think anything negative while bearing the pressure. Adverse thought are very helpful in nurturing stress. Despite, it is difficult to understand the good factor in worst. It is not even impossible. Each rough scenario at least let you learn something either about the poor quality of the product, cheap attitude of your manager, your own weakness, knowledge regarding the work you are engaged in or much more. Just like the planting a rose. A rose contains thorns. Do we hate rose flowers? In fact we love it.
  5. Spend Beneficial Time: Stress & Pressure builds when body progressively enrolled other than own self. It is a common habit of human being to work for boss restlessly. We consume very less time for personal benefits. It is very important to provide happiness to body, mind and soul according to the requirement.
    Keep in mind that when we discuss about availing time for own self, we must need to point out the essential need of time i.e. beneficial. Do something other than work or study. For example energize yourself with friends, spending time with loved one at coffee shop, etc.
  6. Target Your Desires: We all have goals in our life. Some has few and others have few more. The argument is that problems drive our mind. However we need to handle them. When our mind and thoughts engage in these types of negative affairs, they forgot to focus the main target. Change the centre of attraction to own objectives instead of others. Play concentration games such as crossword, scrabble, snake xenzia, etc that develops your skills.
  7. Identify the cause: According to human psycho, when people look into a conflict or problem, they start searching a quick fix of it. I don’t want to criticize the natural tendency. I just want to highlight our style. If civilians of earth take some time to reflect over the cause, I am sure that they can grip the solution faster than before. To identify the obstacle is more important than its resolution.
  8. Communicate with Yourself: If you succeed to explore the complication, now you must have to train you to communicate yourself. It is a very essential, crucial & physiological statement for every individual. Normally we never use to peek in our self and own daily habits. Thus nor we highlight own weaknesses, neither appreciate self strength. Even we don’t know about them.
    Start communication with your ownselves silently. Your inside will inform you how you got achievement in successful events and what mistake you did where you faced failure. Whenever your interior start telling you story of your life, from that day, you will having control over any kind of Stress and Pressure.

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