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Easy Tips to Format an Assignment for Getting Good Grades

Posted on: October 30, 2018

Students may receive assignment writing task in their academic career. Sometimes pupil feels problem and confuses how to write an assignment, and sometimes they puzzled that how to format it.

Formatting and keeping the information in the correct system is very important. It is essential to supply sufficient knowledge to complete a task, but presentation play a crucial role to make it attractive as well.

Simple Tricks to Format an Assignment

There are several parts to take care while writing an excellent assignment.

Appearance of the Assignment

  • Use headings and sub-headings. The black and white material must be divided into chunks. Each piece is under a heading. It guides the reader that what is coming under it. It generates excitement also. Furthermore, after reading the title, the reader could able to decide either read beneath content or skip this part.
  • Be conscious of fonts. It should be clear and visible. The size must not be small that difficult to understand. Moreover, the face should be appropriate and neither funky type. Examples might be Arial, Verdana, Calibri, Serif, and Tahoma. Keep the font-size minimum to 11pt and maximum to 14pt.
  • The write-up must be broken in the paragraph. A short section is ideal for active reading. Through it, a mind can easily retain the concepts.
  • Write an assignment and use bullet points in it.
  • If you are required to email or submit a soft copy of your case study writing service, powerpoint presentation writing help or any sort of academic writing help, PDF, MS-Word or Google-Docs are the best medium.
  • Take care of line spacing. If your mentor did not give any instruction about it, the 1.5 line space is ideal for good looking assignment.
  • Create a title page. It is the first page of your online assignment UK. It contains the title given by tutor, a name of the student, his/her ID number and subject name. This format is ideal and can be applied when your teacher demanded nothing.
  • Add citation at the end of the document. Make sure the composition of the citation will be the one asked by the lecturer. Providing the references in incorrect format caused to reduce your marks.
  • Keep in mind that the word count would be under limitations either plus side or negative side. If neither has been advised then 10% +/- is allowed. Otherwise, you could get negative marking and lose grades.

Soul of the Assignment

Above points are only concerns with the presentation of the assignment helping you to gain perfect formatting. Now we are discussing some other issues that are the concern with the inside of assignment.

  • If your teacher does not provide the theme or subject and you have to decide yourself then select the attractive niche. It should be short and concise and matching with the subject.
  • The black and white content would be engaging, informative and exciting.
  • Conduct research and include facts and figures from relevant sources. It will add a shining star to your best UK assignment online. You can also add your personal experience or incidents happened with someone else that inspire other people.
  • Raise questions and thoughts for readers. Parallel to it does not miss any question unanswered.
  • Use the correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Fluency also impacts on grades. If the checker doesn’t allocate any percentage, even then, it affects negatively in his mind results in low numbers.

If you take care for mentioned above point, be relaxed that you have covered up all the dimensions of formatting. Your presentation will be impressive and your assignment guaranteed for good numbers.