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Handwriting Is Profitable Than Typing Approach

Posted on: February 27, 2019

I assume that several folks have undoubtedly noticed that the people of old age love to use pen and paper. However, the youngsters of the new generation prepare their presentation and handout on computer or laptops. Even their handwriting got poor and they don’t bother it.

Now the question is which option do you prefer either typing or writing by hand? So the question is facing towards our face as well.

Our simple answer is not particularly any of them. They both are essential at their places.

An Assumption

Think for a while, if the culture of handwriting reaches to an end, the industries of pen and pencil will be finished as well. The paper industry also minimises due to low demand for papers. Books will have only screen existence. Gradually, printed stuff also comes to the borderline and then only virtual appearance remains in this world.

Oh My God!

How does this world look?

Traditional Handwriting Is Preferred Than Typing

Fruits of Handwriting

Analysis and research conducted by Professor Dame L. Dustin from Harvard University proof that writing by hand help the human brain to remember the theories more quickly as compared to typing.

The group of Physiological Science tests the result of both approaches. They instructed some students to take notes manually. On the other hand, the rest of the learners were allowed to save the lectures on electronic devices.

At the last session, the team of analysts investigates the remembrance and recalling power of both categories. They conclude their findings by recommending those children who use pen and paper as compared to those who avoid it.


Dr Keegan is a famous name among the team of brilliant professors. He says that creativity always triggers some act. When a guy holds a pen and forming words or shapes, there are surely numerous points where the mind change the track and running in different directions. However, during composing the brain is restricted to the structuring the sentences and building the thought of presentation only.

Well, another analysis is opposite to this finding.

Dr Adam D was teaching at Oxford University. In early 2014, he conducted a research for one of his thesis.

He distributed the thoughts in the groups of the pupil of his class. There were four students in each group and 7 questions were distributed among them. He instructed all of them to brainstorm in a group and get the creative answers.

While walking through the crowd, he noticed that those pupils who were best essay writers and loved the reading habit are actively participating in the discussion related to academics. And those who were fond of outing and outdoor activities are enthusiastically giving their feedback in related question. Rest of learner who has unmatched nature with the thought keep blank.

In the end, he gave his conclusion that creativity totally depends upon nature and exposure one would get which became his style and character.

Built-in Love

It is obvious that mankind has a natural habit which is good at a time and bad on some other time, i.e., struggling to win. With the kind intention, it is the best approach. However, if the desire is to degrade someone the same competition gets worse.

We all want to score high marks for writing contest because it is inbound ability to show the creativity of forming the alphabets uniquely and attractively.